Greg Stanton – Crony Capitalism At Its Worst!

Greg Stanton stuck us with a 200 million dollar tax bill.  How?  He gave sweetheart deals to his campaign donors and wealthy developers so they could avoid paying taxes. That means the rest of us have to pick up the tab. 

The Arizona Republic called Greg Stanton’s scheme a “fraud and an abuse.”   What’s worse?  That $200 million could have gone to education, teacher pay raises and healthcare.

Greg Stanton – Broken Promises!

Greg Stanton broke his promise to eliminate the tax on food. Instead, he kept the tax and used the money for staff bonuses and to increase his own office budget by $1 million.

(Robert Robb: “Stanton, spare us the sanctimony” Op-Ed, Arizona Republic, 3/29/13)

(Laurie Roberts: “Time to Start Paying Attention to the Phoenix Mayor Race”, Op-Ed, Arizona Republic, 6/8/11

Greg Stanton has failed us as Mayor of Phoenix.

Greg Stanton – Mismanagement, Horrible Steward of Public Tax Money!


Greg Stanton used $350 million in taxpayer money to build a privately owned hotel.  It was a financial disaster and the city finally sold it for a loss of $90 million additional dollars.  Greg Stanton said this deal as “a very good investment.”

Greg Stanton – Mismanaged Priorities Means Real People Suffer!

Greg Stanton put special interests ahead of public safety resulting in a whopping 50% increase in violent crime during his tenure as mayor.

It’s a good thing voters have a choice in this election.

Meet Dr. Steve Ferrara!

DR. STEVE FERRARA is a native Arizonan & physician who spent 25 years in the US Navy, retiring as a Captain. Steve served as a combat doctor in Afghanistan and was appointed Chief Medical Officer of the Navy. Today, Steve continues to treat veterans at the Phoenix VA Hospital. Steve’s wife Elizabeth is an active duty Navy officer and they are proud parents of two wonderful children. 

“I’m running for Congress because I believe we can do so much better for our country. We need immigration reform that serves our priorities, improved education and opportunities for our kids and healthcare reform that will finally put patients first – not special interests. After a career in the military, I now work at the Phoenix VA Hospital to treat our veterans. I see first-hand how Congress has failed these heroes who risked their lives for our freedom. In Congress, I’ll fight for them and for you…and fix the mess in Washington.”

- Dr. Steve Ferrara